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3d Printing Problems and Solutions

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Suggesting that it is necessary to fail in 3D printing may sound peculiar but failing makes you an expert of your machine, of the limits of its performance, and of the problems and solutions of 3D filaments and 3D printing. Never testing the limits of your device or firmware lets you miss opportunities to get to know your electronics better.

3D Printing and the Fashion Industry

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3D printing is now turning out to be an ardent craze in the fashion industry.

3D Printing and Smartphones

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Existing smartphones can undoubtedly decipher the distance of an object when capturing a photo, but the image nevertheless lacks depth. It wouldn’t be long for smartphones to have a three-dimensional scanner component that will be able to take a 3D snapshot, send it to a 3D printer, and generate a precise copy of the original object.

3D Printing and Recycling

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With the increase of research and development of the 3D printing technology, waste is something that is inevitable. Researchers are greatly aware of the environmental consequence of the use of plastic filament and their exploration does include waste management and recycling. Will 3D printing eradicate waste? Will it produce more harm than it helps?

3D Printing and Amazon.Com

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The main challenge of Seattle-headquartered e-commerce company is flow of goods from point of origin to point of destination—handling products, managing storerooms, and delivering orders. Supposing one could cut back on the trouble, create the product when ordered, and ship it directly to the customer—is it feasible? What if 3D printing comes into the picture?
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